The highly anticipated debut album "Signs & Omens" by the UK electronic music collective "Seratonal" was released early 2013 on "Hand Held Halo Productions".  The album provides an often eclectic mix of electronic pop from the pulsating synthpop of "Intertidal Area" and "They Danced" to the lighter more reflective orchestral influences of the title track "Signs & Omens".  In addition to the usual online retailers such as iTunes, Amazon & Spotify the album is available for auditioning and immediate download from the CDBaby Store below or click the BUY NOW button below to receive a CDR copy of the album with full colour 8-page gatefold sleeve for £7.99 (GBP) exc. shipping.

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Frankie Perez
Paul Adams
Debbie Houldridge
Frankie Paul Debbie
Debbie Houldridge takes over the lead vocal duties on "Time Just Marches On" and "Tell Me Tomorrow", providing a different access point into "Signs & Omens" which has something to sate the appetite of any discerning electronic music fan.
Paul Adams brings the vocal warmth and gravitas to the project, consistent with arguably one of the most seminal and cerebral UK darkwave/synthpop singer songwriters of the last 20-years.
Frankie Perez the songwriter and inspiration behind "Seratonal" enlisted the vocal talents of both Paul Adams (Seven Words) and Debbie Houldridge (Hand Held Halo) on "Signs & Omens".