Machines of Loving Grace

A three track EP from sentient synthpop, electronic music project 'Indelible Scars' which takes us from the entropy of relationships in 'Nothing Lasts Forever' featuring Seven Words through the vivid nightmares of 'Live Again' to the hope and aspiration of ‘If I Could’.


In an era pervaded by intrusive and subliminally controlling technologies, as the last vestiges of human and emotional interaction are distilled down to a thumbs up or swipe right, who are the Machines of Loving Grace?

‘Nothing Lasts Forever’.. as the tide swallows the land, monoliths fall, all reduced to sand. The last piece of you in me, will never survive.

‘Live Again’.. it seems so real, their kindness turns to glass. Please don’t make me live this life again!

‘If I Could’.. giving you all the things you've never had, leaving all the things that make us sad.

In addition to the usual online retailers such as iTunes, Amazon & Spotify the album is available for auditioning and immediate download from the CDBaby Store below.


Watch the short video trailer for ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ a musical collaboration with Paul Adams of Seven Words that proved more prophetic and poignant than anybody could have imagined.

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